Future Workshops

Healthy Herby Saturday @ Woolen Mill Kitchen in Erin.

Ages 7-12 on Saturday 9th June, 1.30-5pm

$45 per child

Encourage your Children to get creative, healthy and have fun with Claire and Elizabeth on Sat 9th June, 1.30-5 pm.  In small groups they will decorate pots and then create their own herb planter.  In the kitchen they will learn to make a trio of healthy dips using a selection of herbs, homemade pro-biotic yoghurt and superfoods and bake seedy pitta bread pockets; taking home a healthy snack to share with all the family and herb pots to encourage further cooking fun at home.

$45 per child to cover tuition, all containers, plants, food (inc a drink and snack during the class) and packaging. 

For a booking form or further information, please contact claire@creativecooking.co.

Summer Holiday Children’s Cooking Classes 2018 

2 day weekly course from Weds 4th – Thurs 19th July  

Every Weds & Thurs, 10 am – 3 pm @ Woolen Mill Kitchen, in Erin

$65 per head (prices include tuition, all food & packaging).

Book all six for $360

‘Join WMK for a culinary Journey Around the World making and munching away at an array of mouth-watering delights

Using a bounty of seasonal produce, some picked from our very own vegetable garden, our aim it to develop your children’s knowledge of world cuisine, improve their culinary skills and raise awareness of the nutritional value of good food choices.

Course content will include food like Vietnamese rolls, Thai Curries, Italian Ravioli, Mexican Fajitas, New York Cheesecake, French Fruit Tartlets and many more scrumptious offerings.

Each day the children will spend the morning preparing their lunch which they will sit down to together to enjoy.  Afternoons will be spent whipping up something sweet (a tea time treat or dessert) to be shared with their lucky families at home! At the end of the course each child will be emailed the set of recipes and a Creative Cooking certificate of culinary merit!

For further information and a booking form contact claire@creativecooking.co or call 519 939 0458

Class are limited to 6, so book early to avoid disappointment



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