Creative Cooking

Creative Cooking for kids, established by Claire Loftus (an experienced teacher and chef)  is a small passionately run cooking business working with children, both in schools and through privately run cookery workshops in a fun, creative and dynamic way.  Whilst cooking workshops are currently held in Ealing, London we are happy to travel to run  themed cooking parties.

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“I would recommend Claire for so many reasons. First, because she is simply a lovely lady. Secondly because children LOVE her. Mine ADORE her! Thirdly because she is just so very knowledgeable about food and finally because she has so much passion for this. Children can’t help but ride on the crest of her wave of enthusiasm and fun!”  Caroline Baumber (parent and teacher)

“To make cookery with children look effortless, with such delicious results and served with a generous serving of humour and patience is a talent Claire has in abundance- she is quite simply a rare gem… a culinary Wonder Woman!”  (Pippa Daverson, Teacher)